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Give The Gift Of Coconuts This Christmas!

Free Cocoboo Candle and Kraft box with this Christmas bundle!


Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? If you’re behind on your Christmas shopping and running out of gift ideas, there’s no need to increase those worry lines because Cocoboo Life has your back. We put together an awesome gift package with all your favourite items that have been branded with a Merry Christmas message. It’s the ideal festive gift, and most importantly, it’s kind to the earth, which is what the Cocoboo way of life is all about.

What’s In The Box

At Cocoboo Life, we understand that you may not have time to search for individual items, or you may have trouble deciding between our amazing eco-friendly products. So that’s why we’ve put together this perfect Christmas gift hamper to make your holiday season gifting easy and convenient but still meaningful. Take a look at what’s in our bag of delights:

Merry Christmas

Free Cocoboo Candle and Kraft box with this Christmas bundle!

  • 1x Merry Christmas Jumbo Coconut Bowl
  • 1x Merry Christmas Coconut Cup
  • 1x Merry Christmas Bamboo Cup
  • 1x Merry Christmas Bamboo Straw
  • 1x Merry Christmas Bag

Why This Is The Coco-Ultimate Christmas Gift This Year

By this time of year, everyone’s feeling worn out. There’s nothing like a pick-me-up hamper of beautiful delights to lift your spirits. This Christmas hamper from Cocoboo LIfe makes the quintessential gift for someone special in your life.

All the products selected are 100% plastic-free, responsibly made, vegan friendly and environmentally friendly. We source only the best coconut and bamboo resources, handpicked and sustainably made into loveable utensils and everyday products. Our business model is designed to reduce waste and bring you gorgeous ethical products with little impact on the environment. Customers love our products for their unique designs, lasting quality and earth-friendly ethos. Now, with our Christmas branding adding to their special appearance, these Cocoboo Life gift items are simply irresistible.

Christmas Gift Hamper

Happy holidays and happy gifting! Contact the Cocoboo Life team @ for further assistance. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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