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Reusable Bamboo / Coconut Travel Cutlery set make a beautiful gift or household utensil set and are lightweight yet durable. Use them at home or for picnics and barbecues. All Bamboo / coconut products are biodegradable and compostable, so with your purchase, you’re making a sustainable choice and helping us to give plastic the boot.

Coconut cutlery Set includes: 1x Coconut Wooden Spoon, 1x Coconut Wooden Fork, 1x Coconut Wooden Knife, 1x Pair Coconut Wooden Chopsticks, 1x Bamboo Straw & Cleaner, 1x Cotton Carry bag

Bamboo cutlery Set includes: 1x Bamboo Spoon, 1x Bamboo Fork, 1x Bamboo Knife, 1x Pair Bamboo Chopsticks, 1x Bamboo Straw & Cleaner, 1x Cotton Carry bag

Bamboo Straw Set Includes: 5x Bamboo Straws, 1x Cleaner, 1x Cotton Carry bag

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