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Care Instructions For Bamboo Straws


Imagining a plastic-free world is much easier with eco-friendly products from Cocoboo Life, such as our beautiful bamboo straws. With millions of plastic drinking straws dumped in landfills and into the ocean every year, bamboo straws are an irresistible and undoubtedly sustainable solution. But once you’ve purchased these good-looking bamboo straws, you want them to last as long as possible in a clean state. To make them last, it’s important to look after your straws and clean them correctly. Follow our user-friendly guide to caring for your bamboo straws.


  1. Boil your bamboo straws in a little salt and vinegar before the first use to remove any residue or smell. You can also boil them after every 15 or so uses.
  2. After each use, rinse the straws under the tap and leave them to dry. You can also clean more thoroughly with the narrow cleaning brush provided.
  3. It is possible to clean bamboo straws in the dishwasher as long as you disable the hot/dry function to avoid cracking under extreme heat.
  4. Keep your bamboo straws dry and well-ventilated when not in use to avoid a build-up of mould. Dry them in a standing-up position and never store them in air-tight containers.
  5. Treat your bamboo straws to a coconut oil rub after a few months to keep them looking shiny and healthy. This hydrating process also helps them to last longer.

With these handy care tips, you can maintain shiny, clean bamboo straws for up to a year. If you start to notice any change of colour or taste or an unpleasant odour, it’s time to change your straws. Remember that bamboo straws are a natural product with a neutral taste, so they should affect the flavour of your drink in any way.

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