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Did you know that every year around 50 billion coconuts fall from trees? The coconut fruit is used to make delicious foods and natural beauty products, but what happens to the husks?

Unfortunately, coconut husks are considered agricultural waste, and the only way to dispose of them is by burning them in large quantities. This contributes to CO2 and methane gas emissions.

Cocoboo Life to the rescue! We handpick coconut shells and repurpose them, giving them a brand new life. With some TLC, they’re upcycled into eco-friendly bowls and ready to be loved.

Our handcrafted ready-to-use coconut bowls are sustainably sourced, cleaned and polished with coconut oil and presented to you with care. When you support Cocoboo Life, you’re doing your part to reduce waste and give our precious husks a loving home.


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