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Bamboo Straw Cocoboo Life


Big companies and startup businesses alike are now starting to realise their role in creating environmentally friendly products to meet the increasing demand among consumers across the world. Gone are the days when plastic drinking bottles were our only option; now, more people are opting for glass bottles since they are readily available in most places. Other products are emerging onto the market in a range of categories, from beauty accessories to eco-friendly clothing to kitchen utensils.

Coconut bowls are a popular new item taking the stage on the Australian market. They’re sustainable, easy to maintain and look amazing. Bamboo products such as bamboo straws, bamboo cups or even spoons and forks have been around for a while and are steadily gaining a following as more companies are producing them and making them available at reasonable prices. Bamboo is not only eco-friendly but also durable. 

Also seen in many celebrity kitchens nowadays are wooden cutlery sets, which are earthy, lightweight and long-lasting too. Plastic bags have been given the boot in most countries, and eco bags are the trendy, sensible alternative now being produced and distributed through online shopping channels or sold at local markets. With this plethora of choices, going green is so much more appealing. We’re hoping for an even bigger eco-boom in the coming years!

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